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Meet the CEO

Go Vegan!

Earth has all the resources we need!! TYCE proves that you can get all the same products you usually purchase, vegan style! Switching over to vegan beauty will make your skin flourish like it hasn’t before guaranteed! No harmful chemicals are used in any of our products, all ingredients are 100% raw & natural, even our gloss!

Gemstones & Crystals

Gemstones & Crystals...Sounds good already right? TYCE uses Sun charged crystals and gemstones then forms them into unique jewelry pieces to give our customers the option to wear their spiritual protection. All stones are broken by hand, then hand-crafted into beautiful jewelry like the one below.

Energy cleansing

TYCE also offers a few smudging items at which assists in cleansing any internal or external spaces that are capable of holding energy. Please keep in mind, these items are very sacred to certain cultures. Please use our smudging products wisely.

Gloss Galore

“ I was a bit afraid that some shades of your heavier pigmented glosses wouldn’t go well with my skin tone, but they looked beautiful! They make me look and feel confident, it even removes the dead skin off of my lips & leaves it moisturized, just amazing!!”

Coffee scrub works wonders

“my skin felt so SOFT and MOISTURIZED! It made my serums spead evenly across my face rather than patting them on a dry face...definitely looking forward to using this in my skin care routine now!” Coffee scrub


Miracle whip

“ I’ve been using the whipped African Shea butter on my mosquito bites because I usually scratch and irritate them but it instantly stops itching once I put it on!”

Gems for everyone

“ I recently ordered a beaded Gemstone bracelet off of your store, I got the order and they’re amazing! The person I got them for really enjoys it. Thank you for you art.”

Lavender & eucalyptus body butter

“I use the eucalyptus & lavender body butter and it is my absolute favorite. I have been searching for a good moisturizer my whole life, Then I started using the body butter and it’s changed everything. Moisturizing is now my favorite part of the day. I haven’t any bad skin reactions And I use It on my face too. For the first time ever I actually love and look forward to taking care of my skin instead of it being a “chore” that I dread because of allergic reactions to products.”

- Savannah