Planning & Delivery 

When planning to order body butters, All customers must plan to receive their body butters as soon as they are delivered. This means for the customer to closely track and monitor where their package is before it is delivered to their residence. This is to prevent body butters from sitting in the outside heat resulting in melted butters. 

all customers have the option to change their delivery preference with our delivery carrier, USPS. Before their package is out for delivery or has already been delivered!

non-cost options:

  • Delivery (redelivery) to a specific location at your address.
  • Delivery to a neighbor’s home. (MUST be on the same carrier route).
  • Hold for Pickup at your post office (your ZIP Code). 

If you have any confusion or questions feel free to email us at and we will gladly walk you through how to do so. 

All packages left out side in the heat will not be eligible for refunding. 

what to do if butters melted?
If failed to properly receive your packages containing body butters and your butters are melted please leave them in a cool environment until solidified, then you may use your butters. The consistency of the butter will change from the original packaging but the results and the aroma will all remain the same. If you would like to learn how to re-whip your butter to obtain the texture you were initially looking for feel free to contact us via email.

Here at TYCE Our body butters are made with organic and vegan ingredients causing our product to be prone to melting in the summer heat. A solution to this would be adding harmful thickening chemicals to our product at which we will not do. Our purpose is to provide everyone a safe yet fun body care experience without worry of using harmful chemicals on our skin. Additionally we are here to promote the use of environmental friendly products and saving our planet.